Dear Colleagues, Partners,

We are members of the senior leadership of one of the leading companies in Vietnam and United State America, in the field of production and business product line food processing, as well as many years of development experience in many fields other areas in Vietnam market and some countries in the World ! To achieve this, we must build the trust and respect of all those who have dealings with our company, and to achieve success in business the right way.

SACHI GLOBAL INC rules to help you understand your responsibilities as an ambassador for the business operations of the company.

Our business and company culture is built on the values so many generations of extraordinary man should establish , and the values that inspire and instruct us on how to do everyday tasks. We are the guardians of the prestige, culture and a number of brands as a leading icon of USA and the world, and we all have a common task is to maintain the growth for work the company/s business activities and transmit it back to the next generation in better condition.

What you can expect from SACHI GLOBAL INC!

Is a trading firm, specializing in the distribution of food product lines on a global reputation, SACHI GLOBAL longer investment projects in agriculture, therefore, we are very clear about what you are putting where our faith, that is: Prestige - Compliance - Effectiveness.

With ambition and enthusiasm always towards a Global Vision, I hope that these activities bring the effectiveness of SACHI GLOBAL INC. will be a guarantee for your investment partners will achieve positive achievements right from today and for long into the future!



  • Become a famous multinational corporation with high quality products, and a professional service style, projecting confidence to customers.
  • Be a good and responsible friend of customers, partners, personnel, shareholders,the community and the environment.


  • The study did not stop to give out the new product line, to serve the maximum demand for nutritional food supplement human, suitable for all standards and taste, consumption habits of many countries in worldwide.
  • Set up and operate multiple distribution channels by country to the flexibility, create favorable conditions for the distribution of sustainable development, with the motto: "Sharing to success"
  • Become a famous multinational corporation with high quality products, and a professional service style, projecting confidence to customers.
  • Be a good and responsible friend of customers, partners, personnel, shareholders, the community and the environment.


Key value - Targets - Business Philosophy

  • Key Value - Targets - Business Philosophy
  • Business: Business ethics, enterprise prestige, product and service quality is the philosophy in all activities.
  • Personnel: Pledging to give equality to all and encourage career development.
  • Customers: Building stable relationships.
  • Product / Service: Always innovating to satisfy client expectations.
  • Community: Contributing to build a society with civilized equality.


  • We look forward to become an Exporters - Importers - Distributing of grains products, the largest West Coast of the United States of America within the next 03 years!

SACHI GLOABL, Inc. Business Philosophy:

Building Up A Sustainable Relationship With Our Customers Is Our Philosophy.

Company Summary

SACHI GLOABL INC. Founded in November 18 2016, formerly operating in the import-export industry between Vietnam market , Thailand market and the United States, then combined with the company's Nathan Trading - Thailand, active in the field Food Processing of Sacha Inchi Nuts.

With a desire to develop more strongly in the US market through the distribution of the product line brand SACHI GLOBAL, as well as flexibility in working with partners in many fields such as: OEM; ODM product lines : Sacha Inchi Nuts and all types of nuts; cereals.

Besides, SACHI GLOBAL longer wishing to develop and cooperate on projects of all types in Agriculture fields such as: Sacha Inchi Seeds; Beans... to diversify the processed food products to the most modern lines.

Is a professional distributor, SACHI GLOBAL ans always take the marketing strategy as a foundation to guide the activities, take the customer demand as the hub for all activities .

Therefore, we can say that Sachi Global is a company Marketing in the field of food processing from other types of grain.





Address: #318, 5348 Vegas Drive,
Las Vegas, NV, 89108, USA
Tel: +17028 718678
Fax: +1702 387327
Email: info@sachiglobal.us

Authorized Distributor in Vietnam

Mr. Daniel
Email: daniel.hai@sainca.asia
Tel: +84 948 080 911